Reinforced Cement Concrete

The concrete of the mixture of cement, sand, water and aggregate in a certain proportion with steel bars by a known method is termed as Reinforcement Cement Concrete.


Form work, shuttering, centering
        For casting of slab or column, there is a requirement of form work, which should be covered from four sides to retain the concrete. For casting of slab, shuttering is also required. Form work and shuttering are done by plywood or steel plates (panels) where an arch is provided in wall. Form work is done according to the curve of the arch, which is known as centering.
Slab Formwork
The wooden planks or steel panels used as mould, in which concrete is poured and the stand of ballies (Bamboos) or steel posts is known as shuttering. It is provided till concrete get hardened to bear loads. The diameter of ballies should not be less than 100 mm and at extreme 80 mm. Ballies should be provided at the distance of the column and should be placed straight. Wooden planks of size 40 × 40 cm. are provided at the bottom of ballies.
Formwork - Wikipedia
                                                             Column Formwork
Shuttering should be kept at the middle (4 mm in a meter span) to hold concrete not below the horizontal level when settled with their own weight. When shuttering is provided at projected portion (known as cantilever), it is kept little up at projected portion (1 in 50) so that after removing the shuttering, hardened concrete becomes horizontal.
Wooden planks used for shuttering should not be made of too dry or green wood because it will absorb water from concrete leaving the slab base uneven and disfigured. Provision are given for lights and fans in the form of small steel box. 


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