Standard Sizes Of Rooms

Living Room / Hall
Living room is always the first and welcoming place for sitting of family members and to receive friends and guests. Most of the activities and special occasion happen in the living room. Living room should be located in the middle that acts as a connecting space between other rooms. It should be well-lighted and ventilated.
Sizes :- 4200mm X 4800 mm (14ft X 16ft) to 5400mm X 7200mm (18ft X 24ft)

■ Bedroom
Bedrooms are the most important as it should be located in such a way that they are well ventilated and at the same time provide privacy. One of the wall of bedroom is always external, as to provide ventilation and locate the window. The bedroom should be located on the side of the direction of prevailing wind so that the warm air is not collected.
Sizes :- 3000mm X 3600mm (10ft X 12ft) to 4200mm X 4800mm (14ft X 16ft)

■ Kitchen 
Kitchen is the most functional space in an Indian house. Kitchen should also be proper ventilated and proper chimneys for smoke escape should be provided. Kitchen are mostly merged with the dining area and most of the times kitchen and dining is merged with the living room. Making it look more spacious and lavish.
Sizes :- 2500mm X 3050mm (8ft X 10ft) to 3000mm X 3600mm (10ft X 12ft)

■ Toilet & Bathroom 
Nowadays it has become common practice to provide attached bathroom and water closets with each bedroom and even bathroom and toilet are provided together in a single space with proper segregation of dry area, wet area, and semi dry area.
Size :- Bath and WC (combined): Min 1200mm X 2100mm (4ft X 7 ft)
Bathroom (separate): 1200mm X 1800mm
Toilet (separate): 1200mm X 1200mm

■ Store Room 
Store rooms should be located near the kitchen and should have sufficient number of storage units.
Sizes :- 2500mm X 2500mm (8ft X 8ft) to 3000mm X 3000mm (10ft X 10ft)


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